Martial Law imposed on Nov 3: CJP Iftikhar.

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RAWALPINDI: The deposed chief justice of Pakistan Justice Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudhry has said that Steel Mills and other cases judgments against the government caused imposition of the Nov 3 martial law.

Addressing the Rawalpindi Bar Justice Chaudhry said that despite all pressures in respect of the Steel Mills case the apex court given its judgment on the basis of merit, which made Pervez Musharraf against the judiciary.

Justice Chaudhry said that Musharraf sent a message to him through Shaukat Aziz that he was angry over the Steel Mills case judgment.

“I told him that to convey the message to Musharraf that we take oath in the Supreme Court and the apex court can not appease someone.”

“Shaukat Aziz conveyed my message to Musharraf faithfully, which increased distance between Musharraf and the court.”

After which another decision against the government further deteriorated the relations, the deposed chief justice said.

“After which Musharraf sent messages for meeting with me but I refused to meet him.”

He said the Nov. 3 steps, was a proclamation of martial law and the existing assemblies have not endorsed those steps.

The lawyers and the entire nation have proved that now only the supremacy of law will prevail, he said.

Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry said that the Nov. 3 measures were taken to target the judiciary and the media.

He said the recent elections were held under the 1973 constitution and there is no role of any dictator for holding theses polls.

He said it is misfortune of the country that it has been ruled by democratic governments just 24 years since its independence 61 years ago.

link: http://www.paktribune.com/news/index.shtml?207472

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