Road to progress lies in supremacy of law: CJP Iftikhar.

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GUJRAT: Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary has said that road to progress of the country lay in the rule and supremacy of judiciary.

Addressing the Gujrat Bar he said that judiciary would be considered independent when steps of November 3, 2007 would be declared as unconstitutional. He stated that the lawyers struggle for the supremacy of judiciary was appreciated all over the world and to achieve their target they had to sacrificed a lot; even the license of several lawyers were cancelled.

He said that philosophy of supremacy of law was very ancient but people of Pakistan tried to embrace it after 60 years and now they would not step back from their stance.

He said that it was clearly mentioned in the ‘Objective Resolution’ about independent judiciary while objective resolution was the part of Constitution, which has guarantees an independent judiciary.

Meanwhile addressing the Gujranwala Bar he said that unfortunately the democratic governments ruled in the country for only 24 years out of its total of 60 years, but now due to the struggle of lawyers no dictator would dare to take over the government.

The deposed Chief Justice while apologizing the lawyers for reaching late in Gujranwala said that from Islamabad to Gujranwala he observed public’s zeal and spirit and he was warmly welcomed everywhere, which caused late arrival.

He said that among the three basic principles Unity, Faith and Discipline of Quaid-e-Azam Unity were essential for the lawyers to achieve their target. He said that it was the Unity, which made possible for the lawyers to continue their movement despite a time passage of one and half year.

He said that people could achieve their rights if there was rule of law, which could only be possible through independent judiciary. He also appreciated the lawyers for continuing the movement successfully since last more than one year, and said that if there ever would be rule of law, the economy of the country would flourish and people would be able to earn their livelihood.

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