CJP chaired the meeting of Al-Mezan Foundation.

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Hon’ble Chief Justice of Pakistan, Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, chaired the meeting of Al-Mezan Foundation Advisory Board and Committee of Administration today at FJA Islamabad. Welcoming the Hon’ble members of Advisory Board and Committee, the Hon’ble Chief Justice of Pakistan, Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, said “the aim of convening of join meeting of the governing body of the Al-Mizan Foundation is two fold i.e. to apprise the Members of the Advisory Board about the affairs of the Foundation, interaction of Advisory Board & Committee of Administration and to consider and decide the items placed on the agenda of the meeting.

Al-Mizan Foundation is a welfare body of Pakistan judiciary set up on all Pakistan basis for the welfare of the beneficiaries and to establish, run and set up organizations, institutions and projects for the welfare of large number of persons all over the country comprising the entire judiciary in Pakistan, the third main component of the State, from the lowest to the highest both serving and retired (except serving Judges of Superior Courts who become beneficiaries after retirement) including their dependents and dependents of deceased beneficiaries. Better management and administration of affairs of the Foundation, demand honest and sincere efforts so as to achieve the real purpose and object of the Foundation i.e. the welfare of the beneficiaries specially deserving employees of the judiciary. This is a noble task entrusted to us for a noble cause and it depends on all of us that every effort is made to honour the trust. In spite of its meager and limited resources the Foundation is taking all necessary steps and extending all possible help and benefits to the needy and deserving beneficiaries. The agenda of this meeting is also manifestation in that direction. Needless to mention that all assets whether moveable or immoveable, in cash or kind, owned, held and possessed by the Foundation are the assets of beneficiaries. The Advisory Board and the Committee of Administration being the custodian are mandated to secure, protect and save such assets of the Foundation on one hand and to ensure efficient and purposeful utilization of its assets and resources on the other. Schemes like construction of flats and shops on the land of Supreme Court Staff Colony were prepared and approved but work could not be started because of certain handicaps including question of title. Whereas a number of encroachers have gradually encroached upon considerable area of the colony land, and have raised illegal construction thereon. It is a serious and alarming situation and needs immediate attention and well directed action so as to remove such encroachments and to save and protect the very valuable property of the Foundation from further encroachment and damage”.

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