High turnout in LBA election.

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The day-long polling in the Lahore Bar Association election was held at the Zila Kutchery as the lawyers continued canvassing for their candidates in a festive mood.

The Lahore High Court’s deposed Judge MA Shahid Siddiqi, Supreme Court Bar Association’s former President Aitzaz Ahsan, Pakistan Bar Council member Hamid Khan and HRCP Chairperson Asma Jahangir also came to cast their votes.

A large number of lawyers were present on the way to every polling booth at the Zila Kutchery and they were convincing their colleagues to cast votes in the favour of their candidates. They were distributing cards of their candidates and some of them were standing holding placards, inside or outside the main gate. They were also chanting slogans in favour of their candidates and the lawyer’s ongoing moment and deposed Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry.

All the candidates separately hosted lunch parties for their voters and supporters. Before the lunch break, about 900 LBA members had cast their votes. A projector was installed on each polling booth to keep the election process transparent.

Female lawyers also canvassed for their candidates. They distributed flowers among the senior lawyers and remained standing along with other lawyers till the end of the polling.

After many years, SCBA’s former President Aitzaz Ahsan came to cast his vote in favour of his presidential candidate Chaudhry Tariq Javed after the lunch time. Talking to the lawyers, Aitzaz Ahasan assured them that the lawyer’s moment for the restoration of deposed judges would continue and whoever won the LBA election, he would carry on the lawyer’s mission. Aitzaz said lawyer’s long march, starting from March 9, would prove that their moment was still alive and they were all united to be successful in their mission.

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