Memo commission summons Rehman Malik.

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The proceeding of judicial commission probing memo-gate scandal is underway at Islamabad high court.
Justice Qazi Faez Isa is preside over the meeting.
As the hearing started, the commission asked Akram Sheikh about his client’s whereabouts.
Akram told the court that the state machinery was sending threats to his client Mansoor Ijaz and we do not trust Rehman Malik.
Hussain Haggani’s lawyer Zahid Bukhari and Attorney General of Pakistan Maulvi Anwar-ul-Haq are also present in the meeting.
Justice Qazi Faez Isa remarked why the Prime Minister and the Interior Minister were issuing statements regarding Mansoor Ijaz.
The commission has summoned Rehman Malik and ordered to submit his explanation to the commission.
He further ruled if the government is not satisfied with the proceedings of the commission it may contact some other suitable forum. Justice Faez Isa said provision of security is main responsibility of the government.
If the commission issues an order that the military will provide security to Mansoor Ijaz then the government will be bound to follow the orders, he added.
Justice Qazi Faez Isa further said that the investigations are conducted across the world in a serious way but in our country it is sometimes considered as a joke.
The commission will also review the application of former Pakistan ambassador to the United States, Husain Haqqani in which he prayed that Mansoor ijaz right to record a statement before the commission should be abrogated after he (Mansoor) refused the visit Pakistan in this regard.

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