Kurd warns of bloody revolution if Musharraf blocks judges.

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Aitzaz challenges AG, Pirzada.
Kurd warns of bloody revolution if Musharraf blocks judges.

Jamaluddin Jamali
LAHORE: Supreme Court Bar Association President Aitzaz Ahsan has said that he was ready to hold a legal debate with Malik Abdul Qayyum and Sharifuddin Pirzada on the issue of restoration of Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and others deposed judges without two-thirds majority.

“The debate should be telecast live on TV channels so that the nation could listen to the arguments of both sides on the legality of the judges’ issue”. Aitzaz Ahsan was addressing All Pakistan Lawyers Convention held here at the Lahore High Court On Saturday.

Top leadership of the legal community including Pakistan Bar Council Vice-Chairman Mirza Aziz Akbar Baig, Aitzaz Ahsan, Hamid Khan, Justice (retd) Munir A Malik, Raseed Rizvi, Ali Ahmed Kurd, Hafiz Abdur Rehman Ensari, Mirza Naeen Akhtar, LHCBA President Anwar Kamal, Sardar Ghulam Abbas Baloch, Khan Bahadar Khan, Sheikh Muhammad, Syed Aftab Sherazi, Javed Qureshi, Maulvi Aman, and Qazi Naeem along with the officers-bearers of all district bars attended the convention.

Aitzaz said that lawyers’ community will wait for 30 days as it was decided in the Murree Accord and in the meanwhile contact campaign with traders’ community and general public will continue. In this regard conventions will be held in all cities and special contact campaign will be started for holding complete strike to increase pressure on President Musharraf and his associates.

After 30 days lawyers will give call of complete strike and hold rallies across the country and that will be a beginning point of a revolution in the country. Lawyers will not hesitate to shed their blood for the cause of November 2 judiciary. Aitzaz said if President Musharraf and Supreme Court tried to stop the restoration of deposed judges the country may face civil war-like situation. Aitzaz said that no legal exercise was required for the restoration of Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and other judges because they were still judges of the superior courts. “Resolution in the new parliament will be enough for the restoration of judges.

Aitzaz Ahsan and Ali Ahmed Kurd said the lawyers’ community will protect the Murree Accord and fight against the conspiracies being hatched by President Musharraf, his advisers and Supreme Court Chief Justice Abdul Hameed Dogar.

He said that in legal terms, the resolution passed in the parliament had no legal significance. However if President Musharraf did not take action after the parliament passed the resolution about the restoration of chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad he will be violating the dictate of the mandate of the people.

Hundreds of representatives of bar councils and bar Associations from all the four provinces and Azad Jammu and Kashmir participated in the All Pakistan Lawyers Convention on the topic of Restoration of Judiciary as on the position of November 2, 2007.

Aitzaz said the PCO judges have lost their confidence and it has got crippled as an institution due to illegal steps of President Musharraf and PCO judges. Current Chief Justice Abdul Hameed Dogar and others chief justices of the high courts, Federal Shariat Court, Federal High Court Islamabad and Azad Jammu and Kashmir High Court had become frustrated due to their illegal status and Abdul Hameed Dogar was trying to get the support of chief justices of high courts of the country who could not help him in any way.

Aitzaz said SCBA had filed application in Islamabad police station for registration of FIR against President Musharaf for keeping Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad and 10 other deposed judges under illegal detention for the last four months and later he will be tried in the court of law on the chargers of subverting the constitution and keeping judges under detention.

Later, addressing the lawyers, Pakistan Bar Council Member Ali Ahmed Kurd said that a bloody revolution will come in the country if President Musharraf tried to block the restoration of deposed judges.

Lawyers will wait for 30 days as stated in the Murree Accord and the countdown will start for President Musharaf if he tried to disrupt the restoration of chief justice and others deposed judges by using his own Supreme Court under Abdul Hammed Dogar. Any stay order or obstacle by Musharraf will cost him heavy. Lawyers will come to the roads against Musharraf and it will be a start of a revolution which will become bloody in the long run. He said the PCO judges and illegal rule of President Musharraf crippled judiciary for their own interests. Lawyers will maintain pressure on the parliament and the Musharaf government during 30 days and if the 30 days passed without any results lawyers will come on the roads and it will culminate into a revolution and on The Mall Road of Lahore Musharraf and his PCO judges bear the consequence of his illegal and unconstitutional step on Nov 3, 2007.

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