CJP Iftikhar defers Europe tour.

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Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry has deferred the tour of Europe due to the prevailing situation in the country. He was to address the European Parliament on Nov 4th.

Talking to NNI on Friday, Athar Minallah, spokesman for deposed chief justice said Justice Ifikhar had two programmes one to participate in the opening ceremony of New Asia Conference in Kualampur, Malaysia on Oct 29 where Malaysian PM was also coming which had invited Justice Iftikhar and accepted by him and second to address the European Parliament on Nov 4th.

He said now the deposed chief justice is not attending the programme and his recorded video will be sent there and our representative will go there. He said Justice Iftikhar was to address the European Parliament but now due to the situation in the country he declared his presence there not appropriate.

link: http://www.pakistanviews.com/chaudhry-iftikhar-defers-europe-tour/

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