Difficulties of Musharaf’s Freedom.

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Difficulties of Musharaf’s Freedom.

There is a lot of Freedom for each and every one in Pakistan. Today’s Pakistan allows to Drink, Smoke publicly and all the absurdist act are also allowed to be held out.

And what’s not allowed is that you could not wish some one on his birthday. You could not wish in any how. Through couriers, through sentiments ads because all these acts are illegal and un-provisional constitution.

I am not worried about my own self. I am desperate about my country, my homeland, my ultimate love. I can’t see it in this condition. The matter of fact is this also that I didn’t celebrate Independence Day throughout my whole life at yet for this sort of freedom.

The Freedom for me is mental relaxation, point of views acceptance.

Reference: I tried to post birthday cards to CJ and courier service rejected and than I submitted an advertisement in sentiments section of The News and they rejected it too. But there wasn’t any conflict sentence on it hence the thing is this that either we are scared of this rule or may be some how we all are supporting this rule of law.

Written By: Sarah Mahmood Peracha.

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