Admin Condemns Israel’s Attack on Freedom Flotilla.

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Freedom Flotilla massacre: 19 killed and 60 wounded yet; out of near 700 crew of the goods relief ship “Freedom Flotilla” which was trying to reach Gaza, Palestine. 3 Pakistanis including senior journalist and famous TV anchor “Syed Talat Hussain” and a news producer.

We strongly condemned this brutal action which is taken by Israel. And we demand to Pakistani Govt. to find out our 3 brave professionals and ensure their safety.

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    Taking suo moto note of Pakistani Ambassador in Syria within 5-6 months of his posting replacing most of the Pakistan International School staff with his own sister as Principal, two daughters, brother-in-law, two nephews, granddaughter and son-in-law of sister, two cousins, etc fetching Rs.3.2 million for the family, the Supreme Court of Pakistan as per the news is also to investigate as to how the SC communication to the now ex-Principal reached him 16 days after the target date given to him for his comments/rejoinder. The SC Officials have told the ex-Principal that the matter would be investigated whether someone had deliberately held this case to let the deadline pass or whether it was a genuine staff mistake. This is really self speaking that how judicious, fair and really keen in true natural justice our new born judiciary is that it also believes in in-house accountability, if any cause of concern arises, which in-house (self) accountability is today an alien word for us.

    The Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF) "prepared" a circular letter on 28 January 2010 addressed to thousands of Overseas Pakistanis scattered around the world advising them that their payment should reach the OPF by 31 January ie. right from writing the letter to return of reply from abroad all within 3 days. The letter warned failure to meet the target date would fetch 16% penalty. Notwithstanding that within 3 days this whole process to complete can even not be day dreamed the letter was practically posted 4 days after the target date when payment should had reached to Islamabad . This is the matter not related to me as an individual single person rather thousands had the same confusion, worry and harassment when this letter was received. I wonder if My Lordship Mr. Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Choudhary, Chief Justice of Pakistan will take suo moto note of if this 3-day entirely and totally impossible margin was a deliberate attempt to attract penalty from thousands or if it was an office staff human error in which case why the OPF then did not take action as it should had by re-issuing the letter with new schedule of payment. Legally the penalty having accrued due to this act still stands for recovery in any future time.

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