Gujranwala Bar committed & devoted for cause of rule of law: CJP.

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ISLAMABAD, (SANA): A 20 Member delegation of Gujranwala Bar Association headed by its President Chaudhry Muhammad Gul Nawaz Goraya and comprising other office bearers called on the Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry here on Monday in the Supreme Court.

Recalling the role played and hospitality offered by Gujranwala Bar during the days of the lawyers’ movement, the Chief Justice of Pakistan said “Gujranwala Bar is committed and devoted for the cause of rule of law, supremacy of Constitution and independence of Judiciary. The Bar left no stone unturned for the advancement of this cause during the movement and instilled a new spirit in the legal fraternity of Pakistan as well as other countries of the world. Their struggle for Constitutionalism in the country set a new precedent in the judicial history of the world and a role model to follow”.

The Delegation lauded the efforts of the Hon’ble Chief Justice for the cause of dispensation of justice and stated that Hon’ble Chief Justice is a role model for legal fraternity as well as civil society and is held in high esteem by all segments of society. They stated that the lawyers’ community from all over Pakistan made efforts for restoration of independent judiciary, rule of law and supremacy of constitution, even they were severely tortured but no one could detract them from the supreme cause.

It was the vision of Chief Justice that heralded a new era of revolution and brought lawyers together and the desired goal was achieved in the shape of restoration of independent judiciary. The delegation praised the Hon’ble Chief Justice of Pakistan for his untiring efforts to improve the administration of justice and lauded landmark decisions of Supreme Court in innumerable cases. They also offered their full support and cooperation for the cause of justice. The Chief Justice of Pakistan reciprocated the sentiments and praised the sacrifices of legal fraternity for the glorious cause.

Saying a word of advice to the lawyers, his lordship added “It is a noble profession and the legal fraternity should perform their duties with dedication, sincerity and honesty as public have great expectations from Bench and Bar therefore both should struggle hard to meet the expectations of public and litigants”.

They extended invitation to Chief Justice of Pakistan to visit Gujranwala Bar. Hon’ble Chief Justice of Pakistan expressed his gratitude, accepted their invitation and assured them to visit the Gujranwala Bar in due course of time.

link: http://www.sananews.net/english/gujranwala-bar-committed-devoted-for-cause-of-rule-of-law-supremacy-of-constitution-cjp/

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