PM Imran’s residence was built using other people’s funds

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Justice (retired) Wajihuddin Ahmed, a former PTI leader, and former Justice, alleged on Tuesday that the now-disgruntled PTI leader Jahangir Khan Tareen covered Prime Minister Imran Khan’s home costs, claiming that the formerly contributed monies of up Pakistan Rs3 million per month.

Ahmed made the remark while speaking on a news show on a private TV station. He had left the party due to significant issues with PTI head Imran Khan.

“”The concept that Prime Minister Imran Khan is a [financially] honest man is simply false,” he added, adding that “he [PM Imran] hasn’t been operating his home alone for years.”

“The Jahangir Tareen group first paid Rs3 million per month to run his house, but this was later upped to Rs5 million after it was found that Rs3 million was insufficient for the PTI chief’s sumptuous Banigala home.”

He further stated that certain members of the party will pay for PM Imran’s automobile fuel tank and “see that his coffers are full.”

He reported an anonymous PTI leader as stating, “How can a guy call himself virtuous when his shoelaces aren’t even his own?”

False and irrational

Dr. Shahbaz Gill.

Dr Shahbaz Gill, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Political Communication, responded by calling the charges “absolutely incorrect and nonsensical.”

“Anyone who knows Imran Khan understands how honest and dignified he is. In his anguish about being dismissed from the party, Wajih sahib frequently makes ridiculous remarks like these “he said in a tweet

Meanwhile, Fawad Chaudhry, the Minister of Information, said: “Jokers, like retired Justice Wajihuddin, say stuff like these to make themselves appear more important.”

The communications minister remarked during a news conference that “such persons are not recognised by their relatives either, therefore there is no need to pay much attention to them.”

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