SJM campaigns for former CJP’s restoration.

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LAHORE: The Save Judiciary Movement (SJM) has started a silent campaign for the restoration of deposed Supreme Court chief justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry by distributing handbills containing Justice Chaudhry’s message and his picture. The SJM activists are using newspaper hawkers to distribute these pamphlets among road users. The unemployed youngsters engaged with the SJM are throwing the handbills in houses in the Cantt, Defence Housing Authority, Gulberg, Garden Town and Model Town. The handbills contain Justice Chaudhry’s message under four headings Mera Jurm (my offence), Mera Sila (my penalty), Mera Inaam (my reward) and Meri Tawaquaat (my expectations). The message reads: “I am being punished for defying a dictator, hindering the Pakistan Steel Mills’ sale at low rates, raising a voice against inflation, putting concerted efforts for reducing prices of medicine, taking notice on the missing peoples’ cases, suggesting to shutdown feudal lords’ private prisons, taking suo moto notice on the embezzlements in the stock exchanges, and for taking notices on human rights’ issues. “My penalty for all I have done is humiliation of the Supreme Court at the hands of a military dictator, my suspension on March 9, 2007, under an illegal reference and subsequent house arrest, my illegal dismissal on November 3, 2007, under the tag of emergency rule and deposition of 60 more judges of apex courts and their house arrests. “My reward is God’s will, prayers of more than 160 million people of the country, and sympathies of justice loving nations across the world. My expectations from all Pakistanis are to urge their candidates for the coming elections to pledge that they (candidates) will launch a movement in the assemblies to save the judiciary and the civil society, the lawyers and the media, and that they will not give up their efforts to reinstate the independent judiciary.” The message in the end reads: ‘Save Judiciary, Save Pakistan’. nadia usman

News Link: http://www.dailytimes.com.pk/default.asp?page=2008%5C01%5C17%5Cstory_17-1-2008_pg7_38

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