People satisfied with overall performance of judiciary: survey.

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KARACHI: Judiciary’s role has gained a significant importance in the society over the past years in Pakistan, according to a survey report.
How people rank the performance of the higher judiciary can be gauged from the results of the survey conducted jointly by Geo News, daily Jang and The News International in coordination with Gallup Pakistan.
The findings show that not only the people’s confidence in courts has improved in the wake of the historic lawyers’ movement in Pakistan but today they praise the role played by the Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry and the higher judiciary.
Opinions from more than 2600 people from the four provinces were obtained to compile the survey report.
To the question how they found the overall performance of the Supreme Court’s Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, 53 percent people termed it as ‘very good/ good’. If we break it up then 23 percent people ranked it as ‘very good’ while 30 percent dubbed it as ‘good’.
A total of 11 percent viewed the CJ’s overall performance as ‘bad’ while 10 percent people did not give any reply.
In reply to the next question as to how they see the overall performance of the higher judiciary, 51 percent declared it ‘very good/ good’. Break up: 21 percent ‘very good’ and 30 percent ‘good’.
Thirty percent people described it as ‘average’ while 11 percent viewed it as ‘bad’.
Eight percent people gave no reply to the question.
The third question was: How would you label the higher judiciary – ‘conservative’ or ‘liberal’?
Forty-three percent people said they neither view it as conservative nor liberal but in their opinion it is ‘moderate’.
Thirty-six percent termed it ‘liberal’ while 19 percent dubbed it as ‘conservative’.
Two percent people came up with no reply.

link: http://www.geo.tv/article-129777-People-satisfied-with-overall-performance-of-judiciary-survey

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