I love our Pakistan.

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These four words are so much heavy. I know very less people could understand that why i have written these words as heavy. I hope we all do at least some thing better for our beloved home land “Pakistan.”.

Happy 65th Independence Day.

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  1. What is happening in pakistan, we the pakistani living in North America are very much concerned about the current issues.The top most critical issue is Zardari himself who has determined to destroy pakistan at any cost just to save his plundered wealth of Swiss bank. We don't accept constitution that protects the criminals ranked at the top most positions. Laws are made for the welfare of the people and to protect them from the criminals but,in Pakistan criminals are constitutionally immune from punishment. What a shamefull law! While attending a case of my client I came accross a Canadian lawyer in Toronto courts, who asked my country of origin. Upon knowing about my originality he said how the hell you choose a president who has been indicted by the Swiss court in money laundering case. My reply to his answer was a 'Big Silence' with head down!

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