AGP rules out reinstatement of Iftikhar Chaudhry as CJ.

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LAHORE: Attorney General of Pakistan (AGP) Sardar Latif Khosa Saturday ruled out the possibility of reinstatement of Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry to the position of chief justice even if President Asif Zardari wished to do so.

Talking to Geo News, Sardar Latif Khosa pointed out that the appointment of the present Chief Justice of Pakistan, Abdul Hameed Dogar was made by the then president Pervez Musharraf.

“Musharraf was the president at that time whether or not anyone accepted him as president or not and all the political parties initiated the process of impeachment against him after recognizing him as president,” he argued.

The AGP said the process of restoration of deposed judges has not been completed yet and that a number of judges had themselves contacted the government for their reinstatement.

“At present the Prime Minister does not enjoy any authority and all the powers rest with the President Asif Zardari,” he said.

He pointed out that the President enjoys all the powers from dissolving the assemblies to induction of armed forces’ heads to appointment on important constitutional positions. This will continue to remain so until the Constitution is amended and that is also not possible before March 2009, he added.

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