Kashmir Million March, a Step towards Non-violence Movement.

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Editorial By: Nida Mahmoed

Freedom is more than just a seven letter word so like any other free nation, People of Kashmir also have a basic birth right to feel secure and live as a free nation.

Million March is a peaceful initiative by People of Kashmir; to send a comprehend message to the Indian rulers and to the community of whole world that People of Kashmir will never want to be a head downer in front of injustice and brutal military occupation of India. Kashmiri’s always raise their peaceful voices in one way or the other against the enormity and barbarism of Indian forces in Kashmir.

Syed Ali Geelani called for “Million March” on 7th of November 2015, further he said; “Million March” is a forward step to strengthen our cause and it will help to boost our cause in front of the international forums”.

Such steps like “Million March” are consider as a peaceful non violence protests. Humans are naturally kind entice to violent but most of humans believe on non violent movements. Like is 1894 book The Kingdom of God Is Within You, Leo Tolstoy export the message of “Jesus Christ”.  Leo Tolstoy asserts that Jesus Christ means to eradicate violence, even the defensive kind, and to give up revenge.

In 1908 Tolstoy wrote A letter to a Hindu to Mohandas Gandhi, and in the letter, He explained that Indians needed to confront British imperialism with love and non-violence. Gandhi not only read that letter, also published in his South Africa Newspaper “Indian Opinion” in 1909.

But sadly, in current time ‘India is not appreciating the non-violence movements though the man, who led India to independence, was abolish violence and believe in peaceful movement.

Authorities in Indian Occupied Kashmir have been arrested pro-independence leaders and hundreds of political activists to just sabotage the peaceful “Million March” and they gave reason to international media that such backstop held to just give a security to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who set his visit to the region on 7 of November.

India should not arrest activists and pro-independence leaders before “Million March” as this shows that India is not in favour of non-violence movements and wants to suppress the voices of individuals of Kashmir and other freedom fighting states.

“Million March” is the democratic right of every Kashmiri, who feels insecurity under the law and rule of Indian government so placing the restrictions over this peaceful program reflects the fascist thinking of the Indian leaders.

Despite all seize activities of Indian Army; Kashmiri leaders are committed and hoping to send their message to the world through “Million March”.

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