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Cheif Justice Mr. Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry.
Hon’ble Chief Justice of Pakistan.
Mr. Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, Chief Justice of Pakistan was born on 12th December, 1948 in Quetta and completed his earlier education over there; did his LL.B from Hyderabad; started practice as an Advocate in 1974; enrolled as an Advocate of High Court in 1976 and of Supreme Court in 1985; practiced in all fields of law i.e. Constitutional, Criminal, Tax, Revenue, etc. In the Bar he served twice as Vice Chairman of the Balochistan Bar Council, was also elected as President of Balochistan Bar Association and President of the High Court Bar Association. In 1989, he was appointed as Advocate General of Balochistan and elevated as Judge of the High Court of Balochistan in 1990, being a Judge of the High Court, also served as Banking Judge, Judge of the Special Courts for Speedy Trial and Customs Appellate Court as well as Company Judge; appointed as Chairman of the Balochistan Local Council Election Authority and conducted twice Local Bodies Elections in the Province of Balochistan showing his rich experience in dealing with executive administration. His Lordship has a special interest for humanitarian and educational causes. He twice served as Chairman of the Pakistan Red Crescent Society Balochistan.
Presently he is Honorary Patron in Chief of Helpers Association and Chairman of Education Society of Sibi Law College. His personal interest in disseminating legal education among far-flung areas paved way for establishment of Law College in Sibi.
His Lordship was appointed as Chief Justice of High Court of Balochistan in 1999. It was during his tenure as Chief Justice of Balochistan that he took personal keen interest in establishing long awaited Circuit Bench of High Court of Balochistan at Sibi. He was elevated as Judge of Supreme Court on February 4, 2000. Besides functioning as Judge of the Supreme Court, he served as Chairman, Enrolment Committee of Pakistan Bar Council.
His Lordship was appointed as Chief Justice of Pakistan and took oath of the office on 30th June, 2005. He attended 22nd Biennial Congress on the Law of the World, held in Beijing & Shanghai, China in September, 2005. He participated in the International Conference and Showcase on Judicial Reforms held in Philippines in November, 2005. He also visited United Kingdom in February, 2006 in connection with the UK-Pakistan Judicial Protocol on Children.
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