CJP hopeful for lawyer movement’s success.

HYDRABAD: Speaking with the lawyers at Hyderabad Bar Association here Sunday Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP), Ifthikhar Muhammad Chaudry said that every one from each corner of Pakistan is present at the convention, which shows that lawyer movement is successful and is moving towards its goal.

He said that these protesting lawyers gathered here, have no personal interest besides they wanted the hegemony of justice and offered his warm Salam to the families of those lawyers, who have long been partaking lawyers’ movement because their families, he justified, had suffered a lot during movement.

He further added that lawyer’s unity for the success of this movement was not based on politics or caste and creed instead he maintained lawyers only yearned to see the rule of true law in Pakistan.

Deposed CJP said that at present he can safely say that this movement is not run alone by the lawyers in fact the whole nation, civil society, students, media and other section of society was working the with movement and will continue their support for the movement.

He said that all the section of society support this movement because they know that this movement is a movement of principal and wanted lawyers to be successful so that ultimately the common people would get the chance to have proper judicial system.

Iftikhar Sindh is his second home, he said he is touched with the way people of Hyderabad welcome me. I am really thankful to everyone, the young, the old and all those who participated and welcome our delegation.

He said that barrister Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsan has been declared the fifth most intelligent person of the world.

link: http://www.geo.tv/10-19-2008/27197.htm

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