Judicial Independence soon, says Aitzaz Ahsan.

LAHORE: President of Supreme Court Bar Association, Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsan has said that the time has come for the independence of judiciary, adding no power could prevent it now.

Speaking at a conference titled ‘Role of independent judiciary in economic growth’ here on Thursday, Ahsan said that foreign investors want to invest in the country where there is a rule of law and independent judiciary so that their investment could be protected.

As investors are not expecting justice from the present judiciary, they are withdrawing their investment from the country, Ahsan noted.

Justice (Retd.) Rana Bhagwandas and lawyers’ leader Ali Ahmed Kurd also addressed the gathering.

Bhagwandas said that deposed chief justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry was not being reinstated as he took ‘suo moto’ notices on sale of Pakistan Steel Mill, recovery of missing persons, illegal sale of property in Gawadar and Human Rights violations.

Addressing the participants, Ali Ahmed Kurd said that he does not accept any court without deposed chief justice.

link: http://www.geo.tv/10-23-2008/27469.htm

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