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Sunday, November 30, 2008

SAFMA urges Govt to implement PEMRA laws on PTV.

Islamabad: South Asian Free Media Association (SAFMA) while passing a unanimous resolution has urged government that PEMRA laws should be implemented on PTV and its policy of taking side of the government should be stopped.

Famous Anchorperson and member SAFMA Asma Sherazi while addressing PEMRA Conference of the view that like the other private TV channels were facing PEMRA rules and regulations so government should implement PEMRA laws on national TV channel PTV.

The participants of the conference unanimously urged that all the influencing authorities of PTV should force the govern ment that PTV which was running with the money of people of the country, thus must play impartial role.

She said that in the referendum of 2002 all the polling stations were presenting deserted look in Narowal while PTV has to give positive report thus speaking a lie about all this.

On this occasion Chairperson of Human Rights Society Pakistan Tahira Abdullah has criticized PTV and said that it could play very important role in the process of nation building if it play its neutral role.

The participants said that PTV was charging Rs 25 in the form license which was unfair move. They said that PTV has never supported or promoted the stance of opposition or anti government party.

Spokesman of deposed Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary, Athar Minullah said that Iftikhar Chaudhary was considered role model of justice in the whole world however Pakistani media has not supported him very much. He said that media should always support the right.

Hussain Naqi, Shereen Pasha, Nazir Naji, and Ijaz Haider while addressing the conference said that media should be stabilized and PEMRA laws should be implemen ted on all the private and government TV channels.—Online


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  1. PTV is a very huge department of the government and such a department which have lost fame very quickely as it cannot grow as it should with the other cable TV channels. One of its primary cause of failure is that it had unjustly supported the government and second it could not create programs as per the expectations of the views.

    I have posted my views on my blog


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